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Safeguarding Roles

In the Franciscan context, this role is carried out by the Designated Liaison Person (DLP) as set out below. The Director of Safeguarding is responsible for coordination of all safeguarding practices as follows

  • Directing and implementing the child safeguarding statement and associated child safeguarding policy and procedures.
  • Liaising with and supporting Franciscan apostolates and communities to ensure implementation of local policies and procedures.
  • Liaising with the Safeguarding Committee.
  • Ensuring that all child safeguarding personnel are kept up to date with best practice, as communicated from the NBSCCCI and relevant statutory developments.
  • Reporting directly to the Provincial on all child safeguarding issues.

The Designated Liaison Person is appointed to promote safeguarding by

  • Receiving and hearing child safeguarding concerns.
  • Referring child safeguarding concerns to the statutory authorities, Gardai and Tusla (Child and Family Agency)
  • Managing cases and all associated documents.
  • Offering a support person and adviser to complainants and respondents, respectively, and liaising with them thereafter.
  • Liaising with the Provincial.
  • Conducting internal inquiries as and when required.
  • Monitoring respondents and/or, with the Provincial, appointing a suitable person to carry out this role.
  • Contributing to upholding the seven standards of the NBSCCCI in practice and behaviour. 
  • Completing an annual report regarding compliance with Standards 2, 3 and 4 for the Provincial. 
  • Notifying the NBSCCCI anonymously if an allegation concerns a Franciscan.

The role of Monitor was established in 2008, as part of the development of Franciscan Safeguarding structures for the Irish Province. 

The role of the Monitor is a preventative and supportive one. The Monitor will meet with friars who are out of public ministry, on an ongoing basis, providing therapeutic support and will assess if the individual friar is adhering by the term of his Covenant of Care/Safety Plan.

The Monitor provides support to the Guardian (person in charge) in his role with the individual friars and also facilitates a Pastoral support group for those friars involved in the direct provision of care for the friars out of ministry.

The Monitor meets with the Guardian on a regular basis and maintains frequent contact with the Director of Safeguarding, providing updates and a record of the visits and detailing any presenting safeguarding matter.  

The role of Auditor was established in 2011 as part of the development of Franciscan Safeguarding structures for the Irish Province and two Auditors were appointed to carry out this role.

The role of the Auditor is a voluntary and preventive one and twice annually, the Auditors visit each Franciscan friary to complete an Audit of the safeguarding arrangements in place. The Auditors meet with the local Guardian (friar in charge) and the Local Safeguarding Representative to review the current safeguarding practices and arrangements. The visit also provides for an opportunity to promote and encourage safeguarding conversations and developments.

The Safeguarding Audit is recorded using a standardised pro-forma and the findings are reported to the Franciscan Safeguarding Committee, for the purpose of reviewing and making recommendations. 

On completion of the Audits, the Auditors also meet with the Director of Safeguarding twice annually and in conjunction with the Guardians of each Franciscan friary and the Local Safeguarding Representative attend an annual Safeguarding training event. 

Committee members are selected for their knowledge, expertise and experience of the Church Body, in implementing policy and procedures, practical knowledge of working with children and young people and safeguarding, auditing and working with and supporting volunteers. The role of the Franciscan Safeguarding Committee is primarily focused on creating, maintaining and monitoring a safe environment for all aspects of life and activity in Franciscan friaries and centres and for advising all communities in implementing best safeguarding practice.

Its role is also to be supportive and developmental and to promote child safeguarding as follows

  • Developing a three-year child safeguarding plan which includes a training and communication strategy, and the establishment of local child safeguarding policy and procedures.
  • Coordinating activities related to child safeguarding, e.g., training, safe recruitment of staff and volunteers within the Franciscan Province of Ireland.
  • Ensuring the completion of the annual audit, including the correlation of records for training related activities.
  • Ensuring, with the Provincial, that the appropriate child safeguarding personnel are in place.
  • Ensuring the completion of training needs assessments across the various child safeguarding roles.